AmbersBlue is a trail in the search for a place of peace and tranquility.

A Search for a Happy dimension of the space we live while exploring Nature, Art, and Wisdom

Welcome to AmbersBlue

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Rising Moon on a Dark Night

We talk about the beauty of sunrise so often And we even wake up early to witness its glory. But have you ever come across, a moonrise as magnificent as this? When I spotted it I was shocked myself, I…

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On Finding Your Soulmate

It’s not about impressing. It’s not about that heartthrob It’s about that pretty smile that one loves to bring to the face. It’s about that understanding heart that can feel your pain. It’s about that warmth of the hand, that…

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Just a Double Rainbow

Sharing a glimpse of DOUBLE RAINBOW clicked from my hometown balcony last year! The one end of the rainbow is over somebody’s house, shouldn’t the income tax department do a raid for the prospective treasure hidden there? 😀

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Spotted Fog-Bow in the Mountains

I know we all love Rainbows but have you ever seen a Fogbow? Another surprise left me spellbound one such early morning hike. That day it was dense fog everywhere coming from one side of the mountain along with the…

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